Training and Education Programs


"Some employess are just difficult to deal with; others are manipulative and deceitful.  While fraudsters are rare... the havoc that just one who infiltrates your organization can create is considerable...

Read some of the business headlines of the past few years and you may recognize their effects. "


My programs can take various forms, customized to your needs and interests.  The most popular are:

Executive Briefing:

A short (60 – 90 minutes) educational talk geared to small management groups or executive teams.


Topics covered and takeaways include (for example): 

  • What are the traits and characteristics of the corporate con or fraudster?
  • ● What are the differences between narcissists and egocentric leaders?
  • When "normal office politics" turns ugly.
  • How do corporate cons manipulate employees and organizations toward their own selfish ends?
  • What can executives do to strengthen the corporate culture against the onslaught of the corporate con?
  • Questions and Answers

 Corporate Cons: What Executives Need to Know:

My most popular program is a one-half day introduction and overview of the corporate con or fraudster geared to groups of managers and  executives. 


Topics covered and takeaways include (for example):

  • What are the traits and characteristics of the corporate con or fraudster?
  • Why and how are they often mistaken for good leaders?
  • How do they manipulate employees, organizational control systems, and savvy investors toward their own selfish ends?
  • Integrity - the missing piece - would you know it if you saw it?
  • Five Lines of Defense executives can implement to secure the organization from fraudsters
    • Personal Self-Defense and why it's important to your career
    • Questions and Answers
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  • Educational
  • Provocative  / Eye opening
  • Entertaining
  • Practical information
  • Delivered in business language
  • All programs are customizable to your organization or industry
  • Optional short handouts
  • Can be combined with on-site consulting
  • Extensive corporate training experience
What participants have said...

"...very informative, interesting and captivating.  A new perspective to explore."

"Thought provoking and fascinating."

"Terrific!  Absolutely top quality."

"Informative and fun."

"...a fascinating insight from which we can learn, and extremely effectively presented."

"Eye opening program.  Paul is a polished presenter who brought awareness of the issues we should all be prepared to address some time in our careers."

"Clearly, Paul has deep command of the material...his treatment of the subject was wonderfully light and his laid back style refreshing.  An exceptional program."